Friends of the Brazos 2022 Fundraiser

Friends of the Brazos and Granbury Fresh members and supporters have created an amazing collection of experiences and gifts to support our campaign to keep the Rucker Creek area free from harm and our mutual goal to keep the Brazos River clean and flowing. This exciting fundraiser opens to receive offers at 9:00 am September 14 and closes at noon September 17. Thank you for your interest in protecting the Brazos River! Click on the link below to see the wonderful items available, with information on how to participate. 

Granbury Fresh is a partner of the 501(c)3 Friends of the Brazos River

Granbury Fresh

The purpose of Granbury Fresh is to protect public health, public welfare, the environment, and the quality of life for the residents in Hood County with a special emphasis on Lake Granbury and the waters contributing to Lake Granbury.

Act Now to Protect Lake Granbury! Make your tax-deductible contribution to Granbury Fresh, A Friends of the Brazos Partner.

Adverse Impacts of Proposed Effluent Discharge Include:

Significant risks to the Public Health and Public Welfare.
Negative impacts to the environment, aquatic life, and ecosystem along Rucker Creek and Lake Granbury High Aquatic Life waterways.
High risk of triggering a Harmful Algae Bloom and fish kill, impacting the environment, public health, drinking water, tourism, and economy for all of Hood County.
Noxious odors from the facility will negatively impact the hundreds of businesses, schools, parks, recreational facilities, and established residences in close proximity to the proposed sewer plant.

Additional Discharge Route Risks:

  • High risk of failing the required TCEQ bio-monitoring tests, resulting in higher City of Granbury taxpayer costs for toxicity-reduction evaluations and expensive controls.

  • Potential City of Granbury Water Quality Standard Violations resulting from E. coli growth in Rucker Creek, a shallow, narrow, winding stream that lacks proper dilution/dispersion capability.

  • Lack of compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s adopted Lake Granbury Watershed Protection Plan E.coli standards, hindering advantages in acquiring future competitive water quality-related grants and loan applications.