TCEQ Commissioners Hearing, October 5th at 9:30am

The TCEQ Commissioner’s Court will hold a hearing next week on Wednesday, October 5th at 9:30am in Austin to render a decision on a final permit for the sewage treatment plant being proposed on Old Granbury Road. This hearing will likely result in a decision to either deny or grant a permit for a wastewater plant, however, the Commissioners could also recommend sending the case to another court, or arbitration.

All persons are welcome to attend the hearing in Austin, but you can also participate by telephone or by watching the proceedings online.

Here’s how you can participate:

In person: 12100 Park 35 Circle Building E, Room 201S

By Telephone: (562) 247-8422
Access Code: 615-278-887

Online by Computer:
Webinar ID: 887-618-571

October 5th will be a big day for those interested in this permit since the outcomes from this hearing will dictate next steps available to citizens opposed to this facility. Please join us if you can.